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Words and pictures
In late 2005 I left my day job as a financial journalist and editor to pursue my true love of illustration full time. My illustration career had been bubbling away in the background for several years. Not only was meeting other journos and editors on the London circuit an excellent way to sneak my pictures in the back door, but the verbal discipline of paring subjects down to their essence (with a visual headline) proved excellent training for illustration.

I still consider an essential element of my work to be faintly editorial: digesting an article, no matter how dry and technical, and coming up with the visual metaphor that will bring it to life.

Front page
I illustrate frequently for The Sunday Telegraph and am the regular cover artist for The Week magazine in both the UK and the US. In 2009 I won the Cartoon Art Trust's 'Caricaturist of the Year' award for my covers for the UK edition. I also produce covers regularly for
Moneyweek in the UK and France. Other clients include The Word, PC Pro and Mac User magazines, plus Nintendo via the Leo Burnett agency in the US. In recent years I have been moving more into children's books: my first picture book, I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll, for Flashlight Press, was published in 2008, with When a Dragon Moves In following in 2011. I have illustrated two series of six books of Dotti Enderle's Ghost Detectors published by Magic Wagon, plus a set of Calico Illustrated Classics, including Treasure Island, King Arthur, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol. I've illustrated all six covers of the Alfie the Werewolf series for Hodder and those of four Kit Salter adventures for Quercus Books.

Adding a third dimension to my work, I also created the characters on the latest Matey bubble bath bottles:

A brief history
Becoming National Young Cartoonist of the Year at the age of 12 cemented my visual ambitions. But when ‘Art’ turned out, post-school, to mean sticking machinery on walls and giving it a pretentious title, I abandoned ship and concentrated on words instead, gaining a First in English Literature from Exeter University.

I kept my love for drawing though. In 2005 I was chosen as runner up in Channel 4's election cartoon competition by The Guardian's Steve Bell. The following year I won the Evening Standard’s London Cartoonist competition, and started a run of regular pocket cartoons in the paper. However, perhaps the crowning glory of my career is having animated the now infamous ‘snake charmer’ Catchphrase for ITV, back when I was 17. Seeing the ill-fated removal of bonus squares when this was first aired brought a heady mix of pride and shame I've never since equalled. If you’re not familiar with this accidentally obscene episode for Mr Chips, have a look here or catch the next ‘funniest TV moments’ programme on the box – it tends to be in the top five.